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Under what circumstances will lead-acid batteries explode?

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        When the battery is charged to the end, after the two poles are converted into effective substances, and then continue to charge, a large amount of hydrogen and oxygen gas will be produced. H2: O2 is precipitated in a volume of 2:1. According to the electrochemical equivalent of hydrogen and oxygen gas, 0.4181L of hydrogen and 0.20907L of oxygen are produced for every 1Ah overcharged. When the concentration of this mixed gas is 4% in the air, it will explode if it encounters an open flame, which can damage the battery in the slightest, and injure people and damage. The preventive measures are:

1. Control the amount of charge, but charge to reduce the amount of gas evolution. Open flames are strictly prohibited in the charging room and keep well ventilated.

2. During charging, the connection point must be firm to avoid sparks due to looseness.

Under what circumstances will lead-acid batteries explode?

3. Low-voltage constant-voltage charging is used during use, with less gas evolution.

4. Prevent the cracks of the battery shell, the electrolyte penetration, and the infiltration of the cable trench, causing the line to short-circuit and cause sparks, fire and explosion.

5. Although the maintenance-free battery is sealed and equipped with an exhaust valve, a certain amount of hydrogen and oxygen gas is stored in the battery. Once the exhaust valve fails or does not work, the internal pressure will be too large, and the battery will be cracked, even Explosion, fire. Therefore, the reliability of the exhaust valve must be maintained.

Zhengzhou Kanglida Electronic Power, Co.Ltd was founded in 2000 with registered fund 2.38 million RMB. KANGLIDA is specialized in development, production and sales of 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V maintenance free lead acid battery, gel battery and battery chargers. Kanglida batteries are widely used in burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, emergency light, attendance machine, electric sprayer, electric scales, bird repeller, electric toy cars, inflatable model, parking lock, flashing light, traffic light, DC power system, solar system, wind power system, UPS, EPS, telecommunications etc.

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