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What are the consequences of the leakage of UPS lead-acid batteries in the computer room?

Release date:2021-04-22 Author:kanglida battery Click:

1. The leakage of lead-acid battery will cause corrosion to the surrounding environment and UPS equipment, and even pollute the on-site environment in serious cases.

2. The leakage of lead-acid battery will cause the battery terminal to corrode, and there will be the risk of thermal runaway, which will increase the internal resistance of the battery and decrease the electrolyte, which will affect the battery capacity and it is difficult to guarantee the long-term use of the battery.

3. The battery leakage affects the normal operation of the battery pack, and may also cause power outages, leading to unpredictable accidents.

4. Battery leakage is likely to cause explosion and fire, and someone should always monitor the operating status of the battery unit to avoid greater safety threats.

Usually leakage will occur in three places:

1. Near the terminals, most of them are negative terminals. This is usually called creep acid. If the amount is not large and the terminal is not corroded, it will be wiped. However, if the amount is large, you need to find a manufacturer to replace it;

What are the consequences of the leakage of UPS lead-acid batteries in the computer room?

2. Below the vent (face sheet), there are two kinds of such conditions. There are wet traces or white crystals, indicating that they are all dry. From here, the problem is generally not big, or the same as above, look for the manufacturer if the quantity is large, and replace it if necessary.

In the above two cases, you can first check whether our floating charging voltage is too high, and how much difference is it from the manufacturer's recommended value. Excessive voltage will also cause acid creep and acid seepage.

3. The acid leakage caused by the shell rupture, this is annoying, this must be replaced, the top can also be supported, if it is at the waist or bottom of the battery, stop the machine as soon as possible, otherwise the next step may be the acid seepage into the battery rack ( On the cabinet), the ground is short-circuited, causing fire.

Regarding the third type, all manufacturers will provide replacement services.

Zhengzhou Kanglida Electronic Power, Co.Ltd was founded in 2000 with registered fund 2.38 million RMB. KANGLIDA is specialized in development, production and sales of 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V maintenance free lead acid battery, gel battery and battery chargers. Kanglida batteries are widely used in burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, emergency light, attendance machine, electric sprayer, electric scales, bird repeller, electric toy cars, inflatable model, parking lock, flashing light, traffic light, DC power system, solar system, wind power system, UPS, EPS, telecommunications etc.

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