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Whats wrong with battery leakage?

Release date:2021-10-22 Author:kanglida battery Click:

What's wrong with battery leakage?

Common night leakage phenomenon: First, the sealing between the upper cover and the bottom groove is not good or the sealing glue is cracked due to collision, the second is the leakage of acid
in the safety valve; the leakage of acid at the third terminal; the fourth is the leakage of acid in other parts Leaking.

 Whats wrong with battery leakage?
Inspection and treatment method: First, make an appearance inspection to find out the leaking part of acid. Remove the cover to check whether there are traces of acid leakage around the safety
valve, and then open the safety valve to check whether there is flowing electrolyte inside the battery. After the completion of the above work, if no abnormality is found, the air tightness check (put
into the water to inflate and pressurize, observe whether the battery has bubbles generated and emerge, if there are bubbles, it means that there is acid leakage). Finally, during the charging
process, observe whether there is flowing electrolyte produced. If there is, it indicates the reason for production. During the charging process, the flowing electrolyte should be drained.

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