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Precautions when using electronic scale battery

Release date:2021-04-29 Author:kanglida battery Click:

At present, most of the electronic scales on the market are dual-purpose, which can be powered by alternating current or dedicated batteries. Special battery for electronic scale is an important part of electronic scale. The longevity of electrons is closely related to the correct way to use them. 

  What are the precautions when using the electronic scale battery? ? How much do you know about this problem? ? Today, the editor of Zhengzhou Kanglida Electronic Power Supply Co., Ltd. will give you some relevant information on this issue. I hope it will be helpful to you. In the future, you can avoid detours when using and purchasing.

   (1) Non-professionals are not allowed to open the battery and disassemble the battery at will to avoid danger. If the battery shell is accidentally broken and comes into contact with the chemical substances in it, please rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention if necessary.

   (2) When multiple batteries are used together, pay attention to the correct connection between the batteries, and be careful not to short-circuit.

   (3) Strong vibration or mechanical damage should be avoided during use.

Precautions when using electronic scale battery

   (4) Use battery containers with vents on the upper and lower sides for heat dissipation.

   (5) Please don't let rain drip onto the battery or immerse the battery in water.

   (6) Please use a damp cloth that is wrung out as much as possible to clean the battery. Please do not use a dry cloth or duster, etc., and do not use chemical cleaning agents to clean the battery. 

   (7) Do not mix batteries with different capacities, new and different old ones in the same box.

   (8) The battery in the electronic crane scale is only allowed to be charged with the professional charger provided with it, and it is strictly forbidden to charge the battery with other equipment.

   (9) When the battery is not in use, please use up the power in the battery at one time, and then store it in a cool, dark and dry place.

   Zhengzhou Kanglida Electronic Power Supply Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, specializing in the development, production and sales of 4 series of 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and their electronic chargers. Products are widely used in anti-theft alarm systems, fire alarm systems, building intercom systems, elevator emergency evacuation systems, emergency lights, attendance machines, sprayers, electronic scales, children's electric motorcycles, cartoon inflatables, car washers, table turntables, parking locks, Flashing lights, traffic lights, DC screens, solar energy, wind energy, UPS, EPS and other backup power systems, if you choose a company, you must choose a company with guaranteed reputation and quality. This company has been operating for many years and has many years of experience. Experienced company, so if you have a need for this, you may wish to contact us, I believe it is a good choice.

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