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Three minute science on different types of solar cells

Release date:2018-04-27 Author:concord Click:


  Zhengzhou conley of electronic power co., LTD., founded in 2000, professional development, production, sales of 2 v, 4 v, 6 v, 12 v four series and maintenance-free lead-acid battery, gel battery and electronic charger, etc. Products are widely used in security alarm system, fire alarm system, building intercom system, elevator emergency evacuation system, emergency lights, antenna, power sprayers, electronic said, children, cartoon gas mould, washing machine, rotary table, parking lock, flashing lights, traffic lights, dc panel, solar energy, wind energy, UPS, EPS, etc for electrical system. Conlida electronic power co., LTD. Will tell you about different types of solar cells.


  1. Liquid-rich lead-acid battery


  Lead-acid battery electrolyte directly involved in the battery charge and discharge reaction process of sulfuric acid in the conventional lead-acid batteries, battery slot to remove plate, plate and other solid assembly components of the remaining space completely full of sulphuric acid electrolyte, electrolyte in excess surplus state, the so called "rich liquid type" battery, battery plate immerse completely in the sulfuric acid electrolyte. Rich fluid type at the top of the battery can have a ventilation and can hold back the lid of the liquid spills, in use process due to loss of water evaporation and decomposition, need to open the lid adding distilled water on a regular basis and adjust the electrolyte density, so traditionally known as the "open type" battery.


  In particular, low cost and long life are the characteristics of lead-acid batteries with rich liquid type. The disadvantage is that they need constant maintenance.


  2. Valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery


  Valve-controlled sealed lead-acid accumulator, also known as no-maintenance battery, is divided into AGM sealed lead accumulator and GEL sealed lead accumulator.


  The AGM battery USES a pure sulphuric acid solution as the electrolyte, most of which is in the glass fiber membrane, and some of the electrolyte is absorbed inside the plate. The amount of electrolyte in AGM sealed lead battery is small, the thickness of electrode plate is thick, and the utilization rate of active material is lower than that of open battery, so the discharge capacity of battery is about 10% lower than that of open battery.


  AGM sealed lead batteries have a smaller discharge capacity than today's colloidal sealed batteries.


  Comparing with the same type of accumulator of the same size of fuyu, the price is high and has the following advantages:


  (1) the circulating charging capacity is 3 times higher than the lead-calcium battery, and it has a longer service life.


  (2) higher electrical capacity stability throughout the service life.


  (3) low temperature performance is more reliable.


  (4) reduce accident risk and environmental pollution risk (due to 100% acid sealing).


  (5) maintenance is simple, reducing deep discharge.


  3. Colloidal sealed battery (i.e. GEL type battery)


  Colloid lead-acid storage battery is the improvement of ordinary lead-acid battery liquid electrolyte, by substituting colloid electrolyte sulphuric acid electrolyte, in safety, storage capacity, discharge performance and service life than ordinary batteries have improved. The electrolyte is a combination of silica sol and sulfuric acid. The concentration of sulfuric acid solution is lower than that of AGM cell. The electrolyte exists in a colloidal state and is filled between the diaphragm and the positive and negative poles. The sulfuric acid electrolyte is surrounded by the gel and does not flow out of the battery.

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