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What do you know about the advantages of solar cell?

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  Zhengzhou conley of electronic power co., LTD., founded in 2000, professional development, production, sales of 2 v, 4 v, 6 v, 12 v four series and maintenance-free lead-acid battery, gel battery and electronic charger, etc. Products are widely used in security alarm system, fire alarm system, building intercom system, elevator emergency evacuation system, emergency lights, antenna, power sprayers, electronic said, children, cartoon gas mould, washing machine, rotary table, parking lock, flashing lights, traffic lights, dc panel, solar energy, wind energy, UPS, EPS, etc for electrical system.


  Ordinary lead-acid batteries are mainly suitable for maintenance and low - grade applications due to the need of frequent maintenance and high environmental pollution.


  Although alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries have good performance of low temperature, overcharge and over discharge, they are only suitable for special occasions due to their high price.


  With the widespread use of solar photovoltaic power generation system, as a supporting battery, more and more attention has been paid to it.


  Solar cells should have the following characteristics


  1. Good deep circulation ability, good overcharge and over-discharge ability.


  Long life, special process design and long life battery guaranteed by colloidal electrolyte.


  3. Suitable for different environmental requirements, such as high altitude, high temperature, low temperature and other conditions of normal use of the battery.


  How a solar cell works


  Daytime sunlight on solar module, solar cell components to produce a certain range of dc voltage, the light energy into electricity, then transmitted to the intelligent controller, through the intelligent controller of overcharge protection, electricity from solar energy components to storage battery; Storage requires a battery, which is an electrical chemical device that stores chemical energy and releases electricity when necessary.


  The main components of lead battery are as follows:


  Active substance of anode plate (lead peroxide. PbO2)- >


  Cathode plate (spongy Pb.Pb) --> active substance


  Electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid) -> sulfuric acid (H2SO4) + water (H2O)


  The battery shell


  Isolation plate


  Others (hydrants, LIDS, etc.)

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