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The car suddenly stalled. Maybe there was something wrong with the battery!

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  Small make up often met PaWo stalled on the road suddenly the car battery to feed could not be normal lighter is very common, so, each owner in daily use must to pay attention to the maintenance of the battery, don't wait for the car halfway PaWo, think of curing it'd be in trouble...


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  Five major battery injury behaviors:


  The discharge port is still charged when the discharge is completed


  Almost all cars are equipped with a cigarette lighter, which can achieve the effect of lighting up by power supply. It is a very important power output interface for cars. Many car owners in order to improve the convenience and comfort of car use, often use this power interface external many devices, such as GPS, vehicle traveling data recorder, air purifier, etc., these devices depend on cigarette lighter power supply.


  Extra electricity equipment itself to increase the battery's burden, and some models of cigarette lighter in the stall condition still is in electric mode, if not remove peripherals will consume battery power, loss of battery.


  Jasmine will not turn off multimedia or air conditioning before it is turned off


  Some owners or forget or graph save trouble, right in front of the vehicle flameout multimedia system or air conditioning system is closed, the system will automatically open when the next time you start the vehicle, this in virtually instantaneous power lead to vehicle load is too high. Especially if the air conditioner is not connected, it will cause excessive loss to the battery for a long time.


  Wait a long time after extinguishing the fire


  Continuing to use electricity after a fire has been turned off can include a variety of situations, such as using the car's electrical appliances for a long time after the fire has been turned off, forgetting to turn off the lights and so on.


  Auto generator is not working right now, in the absence of charging battery in "dry" consumption condition, the electric capacity to reduce is likely to cause the vehicle cannot be started, and for excess discharge the battery itself has a lot of damage.


  To start a long or frequent fire


  When starting the engine, the ignition time should not exceed 3 seconds. If the engine fails to start the first time, it should not be repeated frequently.


  Otherwise, the battery frequently provides a strong current to the starter, which will cause its own loss.


  Transaction does not pull out the external equipment after quenching


  There are more and more external equipment for cars, and the extra power equipment increases the burden of batteries.


  Daily maintenance of battery


  When the vehicle is parked for a long time, the battery's battery card buckle should be removed. If it is not clear in time, there will be leakage, which will affect the performance of the battery.


  Circulating water can effectively remove corrosive substances by pouring hot water. After cleaning, it is better to put butter on piles to prevent corrosion.


  Note for battery replacement


  Many car owners think it is easy to replace the batteries themselves, but empty owners are not advised to replace the batteries themselves. Because the power supply of the vehicle needs to be cut off during the replacement process, the clock of the vehicle needs to be reset. Some models also need to initialize the skylight switch and the glass lifting switch. For some high-end models, a computer is needed to reset the vehicle's driving computer.


  Zhengzhou conley of electronic power co., LTD., founded in 2000, professional development, production, sales of 2 v, 4 v, 6 v, 12 v four series and maintenance-free lead-acid battery, gel battery and electronic charger, etc. Products are widely used in security alarm system, fire alarm system, building intercom system, elevator emergency evacuation system, emergency lights, antenna, power sprayers, electronic said, children, cartoon gas mould, washing machine, rotary table, parking lock, flashing lights, traffic lights, dc panel, solar energy, wind energy, UPS, EPS, etc for electrical system.

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