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When you buy a battery, how do you tell if its real

Release date:2018-04-03 Author:concord Click:

  The engine cannot catch fire due to the frequent flashing of the engine, battery, key, etc. After consulting the owner of the auto repair shop, 80 percent of them are batteries. Think for a moment, because the parking inconvenience, is often a month or so in the past two years to drive a car, can buy battery during the Chinese New Year's not very good, can only grab a shop to buy a patchy, sure enough change after everything is ok. But although the battery changed to be able to start up, small make up in the heart again general murmurs, all fast New Year's day, this battery also did not sell high price, can be false? So recently small make up did a homework, share with everybody, also welcome the old driver who knows the line to give an explanation.


  Under normal circumstances, the service life of the battery manufacturer claims is 2 years to 3 years or so commonly, but if you normally use more care about, don't like small make up for a long time often parked vehicles, battery maintenance is better, that is common to use a three to five years.


  However, according to the small auto repair shop friends, it has seen the original car battery used the longest car owners, 12 years after the purchase of a new battery replacement, so in fact the original factory of the quality is very good!


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  So the question is, after the original factory battery died, how should the battery be chosen? The conclusion is as follows:


  1. Look at the packaging: the outer packaging box of the regular battery is of fine workmanship and has a seal. Open the box, there will be a clear printed warranty card and product manual.


  If is a city in the auto purchase, like a small make up most of the time with the general store brand a variety of models of battery all fall together, carefully observe their packaging, different types of product packaging should be no color difference, if found to have off color, please choose carefully.


  2. The anti-counterfeiting validation: open the battery packaging, most brands of authentic battery with anti-counterfeiting labels, scraping anti-counterfeiting coating, anti-counterfeiting query calls according to clew, also can validate the battery true and false, correct anti-counterfeiting code can only be queried again.


  Without anti-counterfeiting code will have to pay attention to whether or not with the brands of other models also no anti-counterfeiting mark, if no, be sure to check the battery plastic shell the Numbers on the number and date of production, check to see if its printing inscription clear.


  3. Price: the same model can be applied to a wide range of battery models, prices are also quite different. For 60Ah batteries, the most commonly used 60Ah battery for ordinary household cars, the normal product in the auto parts market is about 450 yuan.


  And if they are replicas or refurbished battery, probably more than 300 can buy, buy this battery back is can't get the manufacturers warranty, even shop, may also be used to repair machine down, reliability and automotive original battery. These repair battery are mostly for the taxi, and the long distance running vehicles every day is not so high demand for the reliability of the battery, so when to buy the battery can't covet petty gain.


  4. Weight: buy battery small make up suggest compatible with the original car equipped with battery brand of the same type, such replacement is also relatively more secure reliability, also convenient comparison at the same time, for example than weight.


  To change battery experience friends must have such feeling, removed the battery weight are not small, because the cost of the battery are mainly concentrated in lead alloy substrate, counterfeit batteries will be on the substrate, in order to reduce costs, so that its weight and authentic battery will have a big gap (if you do the same weight, there would be no fake necessary).


  Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a new battery, to weigh in hand a phase modulation component, to see if the battery and the original car component, if feel new battery is not the old battery is heavy, so could be counterfeit.


  Zhengzhou conley of electronic power co., LTD., founded in 2000, professional development, production, sales of 2 v, 4 v, 6 v, 12 v four series and maintenance-free lead-acid battery, gel battery and electronic charger, etc. Products are widely used in security alarm system, fire alarm system, building intercom system, elevator emergency evacuation system, emergency lights, antenna, power sprayers, electronic said, children, cartoon gas mould, washing machine, rotary table, parking lock, flashing lights, traffic lights, dc panel, solar energy, wind energy, UPS, EPS, etc for electrical system.

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