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How to do when the car battery is unstable

Release date:2018-04-28 Author:Zhengzhou Kanglida Electronic Power Co., Ltd Click:

  1. What causes the unstable battery?


  1. Changes in seasons.


  We all know the principle of hot expansion and cold shrinkage, and we know that the car's temperature will increase significantly in the summer. For this reason, when we drive in the summer, as long as we are attentive drivers and friends, we will find that the battery will overcharge, the electrolyte will evaporate quickly, and the plate will be damaged easily. And in the winter we don't pay attention to causing the battery to fully discharge.


  2. Changes in electrolyte.


  For the poor stability of automobile batteries, it may be related to the electrolyte in the batteries. According to the car battery condition reasons of unstable, electrolyte freezes in winter if there is a phenomenon, can affect the supply of accumulator degree, not only in this way, not with battery will give our water cause irreparable harm. Also in the summer, we should pay attention to the height of the battery's liquid level and the proportion of electrolyte, so as to avoid the adverse reactions of the battery.



  2. How to solve the unstable battery?


  1. Adjust the terminal voltage of the generator.


  The generator of the car at the time of operation, we will always find the ammeter pointer will be swinging, feel the car sometimes charge or not charge, this might cause the charging current is not stable. Therefore, we first need to check whether the wire ends at each link point of the car are loose and have poor contact, whether the belt is too loose, and whether the battery pole is loose. If there is a problem with these areas affecting the terminal voltage, we need to check them frequently.


  2. Adjust the resistance in the electric circuit.


  The instability of the battery may also be due to some problems with the resistance in the circuit. So at this point we also have to check the contact of the regulator for problems. Like not paying attention to burning or something dirty. This can lead to poor resistance contact, causing it to short-circuit. You also have to look at the coil to see if it's in the same situation as the resistance, and do some checking of these places.


  3. Check the internal technical status of the generator.


  When we check some basic parts for me on the above did not appear mistake, so we have to should split the generator, to check its internal technical condition. If there is any problem, it is good to repair the defective parts.


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